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Focusing on the continuous operation of our systems, we have developed an IT infrastructure of international quality and consistently ensure robust information security.


You can trade easily at any time and from any location, according to your schedule and availability.


Account opening, registration, and trading can be completed quickly through our online platform.


Our experienced team, known for providing underwriting services for prominent projects in the Mongolian capital market, will offer advice and collaborate with you.

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This is a comprehensive application that offers the opportunity to participate in the trading of all types of stocks, bonds, and investment products at the Mongolian Stock Exchange, Ulaanbaatar Stock Exchange, and Chinggis Khan Stock Exchange.


Our valued partners and customers share their experiences of working with us.

The Mongolian Stock Exchange has successfully traded additional shares, equivalent to 34 percent of its total shares, to the public and is transitioning into a joint-stock company. I wish the team at ‘Invescor Capital’ LLC, the main underwriter who provided professional support in this historic process, both success and good luck.

Altai Kh.


Mongolia’s strategically important transport and logistics sector has embarked on a new phase of development, with Monlogistics Holding, a leading company in this field, becoming a public joint-stock company in September 2023. ‘Invescor Capital’ is proud to participate in this IPO project as an assistant underwriter, committing to a high level of professionalism.

Hishigbat G.


Innovation Investment LLC, known for developing and introducing the QPay service with the widest network of payment gateways, became a public company in December 2023. The first IPO of this Mongolian technology company was executed with a high level of professionalism by ‘Invescor Capital.

Erdenemunkh G.



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